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Casino AG is an ideal destination that you should not miss when coming to the house. The space provides opportunities for many members to earn rewards today. This is shown through the product system and quality. So let’s learn about the outstanding games in the AG card game lobby.

What is Casino AG?

Casino AG is a desirable, ideal card game area that Lodi646 Casino has integrated into the system. You can search, place money and receive rewards from this playground. What makes that attraction is the appearance of the AG betting hall, an Asia Gaming publisher with a close Asian style. This unit has been operating in the market for more than 10 years, so it meets all betting standards.

Casino AG

Coming to AG betting hall Casino, players can trust to deposit money every day. At the same time, Lodi646 bookmaker also meets the benefits of security, operations, 24/7 support,… These factors have been censored by PAGCOR – Philippines headquarters censorship unit. Accordingly, the player’s betting is optimally met with the system.

Top 5 attractive game titles in Casino AG

Lodi646 bookmaker system always selects the best products for members to bet on. This is also the reason why the company cooperates with AG – Asia Gaming betting hall to give you more choices. Below, let’s explore 5 outstanding games that the company owns for you to easily choose:


The Baccarat game is inherently loved for its attractive and familiar entertainment properties. For this game, members need to make predictions about the banker’s and Player’s cards. The goal is to determine which side has the higher score.


To determine the points of Banker as well as Player, Lodi646 relies on adding points. Each side has different scores, if the total is closer to 9 then that side wins. In addition, you can also make additional bets such as bets on the situation of having a pair, a perfect pair,…


Another name for Sicbo is Tai Xiu, this game is very suitable for beginners. In the game, 3 dice are used, they are randomly shaken to appear 3 corresponding faces. Members can choose one or more different betting options. Depending on your conditions, you bet according to a controllable limit.

After placing the money, Lodi646 Dealer will roll 3 dice and announce the results. Every action is monitored by cameras connected to the live casino to ensure fairness. The player who bets on the correct result will receive the corresponding bonus amount.

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Dragon Tiger

The Dragon Tiger game is part of a series of traditional products integrated by Lodi646. This entertainment channel meets the needs of all members to earn rewards because the rules are quite easy. Specifically, the bet will have 2 parts: Dragon and Tiger. Each dealer will deal 1 card from a deck of 52 cards; each game uses 8 random decks.

Members can bet on which side has the higher card, or pair, perfect pair, specific score, etc. If the bet is correct, you will receive attractive bonuses from the Lodi646 system. In case the bet is wrong, the bet amount will be deducted. So when participating, you need to make sure your betting experience is accurate.

Win Three Cards

The Win Three Cards game that AG betting hall offers is also one of the easy products. The bet is based on predicting whether the Dragon or Phoenix card is higher. Each side is dealt 3 cards by the Dealer, and the card combination is determined in a separate order. If one side’s card has a higher value, the person betting on that side wins.

Currently, betting on predicting both sides of the card like Win Three Cards is very popular at Lodi646. Therefore, the bookmaker pays great attention to providing bonuses. This makes the game more attractive with diverse payout limits.

Three Face

Different from score prediction, Three Face is a card game that compares scores between you and other members. When participating in this game, members make bets with a certain amount of money. You then receive 3 cards dealt from the Dealer. Betting players should determine how valuable the card they receive is. At this point, the player makes a decision to continue or stop.

Three Face

If you continue, you will compare your cards with the remaining members on the betting table. Lodi646 will reward the member who owns the combination of 3 cards with the highest value. In case the card is not of high value, the bet amount will be deducted.


Information about Casino AG Lodi646 has been provided for players to easily make decisions. You can evaluate the quality here and make betting decisions accordingly. From the advantages that the AG – Asia Gaming betting hall brings, it will help bettors have the best experience. Refer to more information about MG Lodi646 card game, which will bring you more safe investment stops.

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