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Fan tan is one of the reward games that is receiving a lot of positive feedback from the betting community at JILIEVO. The game tables are always “crowded” with bettors because the game has a novel gameplay and many interesting bets.

Introduction to basic information about the game Fan tan

Introduction to basic information about the game Fan tan

Fantan is a game originating from China, and thanks to the development of technology, the game has gradually developed and is loved by many bettors in different countries around the world.

This game is considered to have a relatively different gameplay compared to other games in the Lottery category at JILIEVO. Perhaps this is why more and more bettors are curious and want to experience the Fantan game.

At JILIEVO, players can easily find the game’s betting tables with many attractive bets and impressive payout rates. With its simple gameplay, this is definitely a game that newbies should not miss.

Explaining how to play Fantan in detail at JILIEVO

As mentioned before, this game has a relatively new gameplay, so bettors need to understand the rules and bets of the game to enter the game more easily.

Basic rules of the Fantan game at JILIEVO

When experiencing this game at JILIEVO, you need to understand the following rules:

  • Before starting the game, the betting table will display different betting limits for players to choose from.
  • Then, the Dealer (the representative of the house) proceeds to shuffle many beads in a large glass jar, then uses a smaller, closed jar to take out a certain portion of beads.
  • At this point, bettors need to reason and place bets on any door available on the table, then press the confirm button before the time specified by the house ends.
  • Next, the Dealer will flip the small jar over and start counting the beads, dividing them into groups of 4 beads per row.
  • The remaining number of beads will be the final result for the game. The player who placed a bet matching the final result will be the winner.
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Bets available in the Fan tan game at JILIEVO

Bets available in the Fan tan game at JILIEVO

To bring players the most quality and classy entertainment space, JILIEVO has not hesitated to provide countless bets with huge payout rates.

Here are the most popular bets you can choose from in the Fantan game at JILIEVO:

Fan Bet

Bettors will bet on any number from 1 to 4. If the final result matches the number you have chosen, you win and receive a bonus according to the corresponding ratio.

Nim Bet

Instead of choosing one number like in the Fan bet, in the Nim bet, players need to choose 2 numbers, including 1 winning number and 1 tie number.

This is a safer bet, and players can easily preserve their money, but the payout ratio will be lower than the Fan bet.

Kwok Bet

The gameplay in the Kwok bet is similar to the Nim bet, however, both numbers that the player chooses bring the opportunity to earn money as follows. That is, as long as 1 of the 2 numbers you choose appears in the result, you will receive a bonus.


When choosing this bet, players need to choose 3 numbers to bet on, and if the result matches 1 of the 3 numbers you choose, you will win and be rewarded according to the corresponding ratio.


In this bet, you also need to choose 3 numbers, in which the first 2 numbers will be winning numbers and the third number will be a tie. If the result appears in one of the first two numbers you choose, you win, and if it appears in the third number, you will tie.

Even/Odd Bet

For this bet, you will have two choices: Even or Odd. The person who bets on Even wins when the final result is 2 or 4, and vice versa, the person who bets on Odd wins when the final result is 1 or 3.

Over/Under Bet

Similar to Even/Odd, in this bet, players will also have two choices: Over or Under. If you choose Over, you will only win when the final result is 3 or 4, and if the result is 1 or 2, the person who bets on Under wins.

Payout rates for Fan tan bets at JILIEVO

Payout rates for Fan tan bets at JILIEVO

JILIEVO is being evaluated as one of the bookmakers offering the most impressive payout rates, making it difficult for many players to refuse. The specific payout rates for each bet in this game at JILIEVO are as follows:

BetsPayout rates
Fan Bet1:28.5
Nim Bet1:1.9
Kwok Bet1:0.95
SSH Bet1:0.475
NGA Bet1:0.32
Even/Odd Bet1:0.95
Over/Under Bet1:0.95

Decoding how to play Fan tan at JILIEVO

Here are detailed instructions for each step so you can quickly master this game at JILIEVO:

  • Step 1: Choose a reputable link to be redirected to JILIEVO quickly and safely.
  • Step 2: Move your mouse and click on the Register or Login section if you haven’t or already have an account, respectively.
  • Step 3: Once you have an account and successfully logged into the game portal, check your wallet balance and deposit money through one of the methods provided by the house.
  • Step 4: Return to the main screen and select the Lottery category > continue scrolling down and click on the Fantan game.
  • Step 5: The system will redirect you to the game rooms. You just need to choose a room with a suitable betting limit, then choose a bet and set the amount you want to bet.
  • Step 6: Finally, click confirm and wait for the results to be announced by the Dealers. If you are lucky enough to win, JILIEVO will credit the money to your wallet immediately according to the correct ratio at the bet you have chosen.
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Tips for playing Fantan from experienced players

The rules of this game are basically quite simple, but if you want to win big in the game, you need to know the tips shared by the experts below:

  • Bet on two doors at the same time: If you want your winning rate in the Fan tan game to be higher, you should bet on two doors at the same time. This is also completely understandable because betting on multiple doors always gives a higher chance of winning.
  • Allocate your betting capital reasonably: According to the sharing from longtime experts in this game, you should know how to manage your budget and divide your capital into smaller amounts to be able to participate in more games.
  • Choose a betting table with a suitable limit: JILIEVO currently offers many betting tables with different limits. Depending on your experience and financial ability, choose the most suitable betting table.
  • Always keep a calm mind: One of the things you need to pay special attention to when participating in betting is to always keep a calm mind to make the most accurate analysis and judgment for your bets.

In conclusion, Fantan is a quite interesting game that you should not miss in the Lottery category of JILIEVO. Quickly access the game portal and register an account to experience the game today.

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