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To talk about a card game with gameplay that requires thinking and creativity, we cannot help but mention the card game Catte. With Catte anything can happen whether you have a strong or weak hand. To fully understand this card game is not as simple as we think. Bookmaker JILIEVO will share with you how to play Catte in the easiest way to understand.

Learn about the card game Catte

According to documents available on the internet, there is not much information about the origin of Catte. We know that this article originates from a West Asian country, India. It is unclear when Catte was introduced to Asian countries, but this card game quickly became popular and loved by many people. Since many years ago, we have easily seen it being popular in traditional casinos. Many people know about the card game Catte and consider it a game not to be missed when participating in betting.

Learn about the card game Catte

Completely different from card games such as blackjack, poker, baccarat, etc. When playing Catte, the element of luck only accounts for a small part in winning. To win depends a lot on how to play Catte. How does that person use the cards?

The traditional form of playing Catte is so familiar and popular. Times are increasingly progressive and changing rapidly. To keep up with the rising technology trend, Catte has become a necessity on online betting platforms, receiving great reception from experienced bettors.

How to play Catte for new players

A Catte game has a total of 6 rounds. Divided into 2 important stages: the stage of the first 4 rounds and the stage of the last 2 rounds. How to play Catte in the rounds is as follows:

Stage 4 first round

How to play Catte for new players

This is the opening stage and also the turning point that determines whether the player can continue to the next stage.

-Players will be dealt a total of 6 cards each. In the card game Catte, in the first round, the system will randomly select the person who plays first. The first person arbitrarily plays down one of his cards. You can choose to play the strong piece first so that players cannot block it. As long as you have 1 face-up card, you will be able to play the next stage.

-When the first player has just hit down. The next player will have to play a larger card but must have the same properties as the previous card to be considered valid. If there is no suitable card to intercept, the player will place one of his cards face down. For example, the first player plays 3 of spades, then the player in the next round must play 5 of spades, 10 of spades, etc. to be considered valid.

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-After a round ends, whoever has the card with the highest attribute will be turned face-up. The players with the smaller cards will face down. The person whose card is face up in the first round will play first in the second round. The rules of the game continue like that in the following rounds.

-Go to the 4th round. Players with face-up cards will be able to play to the final 2 rounds. Whoever doesn’t have a face up card will have to stop. The person with the face-up card in the 4th round will have the right to announce a card first. If there is only one person with a face-up card, then that person will automatically win without having to go to the next stage.

Phase 2 final round


-The player with the face-up card in the 4th round will announce 1 card to the opponent in round 5. The remaining opponents, if they have a larger card of the same attribute, will have the right to capture the card. If there are no cards to capture, still show any card and leave 1 card.

-In round 6, the player who has the right to capture cards will announce their last card. If you have a card that is higher and has the same suit as the card played by the first person, you will win. If no one has a higher card of the same attribute, the person who announces the card first wins.

How to play Catte is neither too easy nor too difficult. To win this intellectual card game, you must be a very sharp and intelligent person.

Regulations on the strength of the cards

In the card game Catte, card 2 is the smallest, and card A is the largest. The order is arranged from smallest to largest as follows: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, J, Q, K, A.

In the card game, hearts, diamonds, diamonds, and spades have equal strength. Players need to play cards with the same attributes with a larger value.


We have shared how to play Catte with new players. The gameplay of this card game is not as simple as we thought. This is a top mind game for experts. Any negligence must pay a very high price. There are no mistakes allowed when playing the Catte card game.

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