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Keno prediction is a process that includes judgment and selection to find lucky numbers. There are many methods to help you do this. Let’s join Jilievo to learn how to find accurate Keno numbers from experts. Players can refer to and choose the optimal betting direction to earn money in their pockets.

What is Keno?

Keno is a form of lottery betting that originated in China. Has released this type on the Philippine market since 2019. You can try your hand at it, participate in predicting numbers, and receive rewards if they appear in the prize draw. Keno rules include 1 to 10 numbers, which are randomly selected by the station from 1 to 80.

What is Keno?

The capital that players spend to bet with Keno is within a small limit. This is a small amount of capital, suitable for all players. If you do bounty hunting for many cycles, gradually increase it.

Some forms of Keno prediction and betting

Currently, the market has many forms of Keno betting that players can participate in. Each choice will bring members a unique experience, allowing the way to calculate and find numbers to change:

Even Odd Draw

This form can be understood as the player will predict the number based on the total number. Previously, the house providing Keno will choose 20 numbers. Thereby, you will have 3 options for this type of bet:

Even: The player predicts an even number greater than 13.
Odd: You think the odd number is greater than 13 numbers.
Tie: The player thinks there are 10 even numbers and 10 odd numbers.
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Bet Over/Under Tie

Online Keno will include 20 random numbers, players predict what their total will be. Accordingly, you have 3 choices: Over, Under and Draw with different calculation methods. Includes the following properties:

Bet Over: Total 20 numbers above 810.
Under bet: 20 numbers whose total is less than 810.
Tie bet: The total of 20 numbers equals 810.

Five Elements Bet

With the Five Elements bet, the player will have 5 choices corresponding to the 5 Five Elements destiny. Each choice will have a total of between 210 and 1410. The dealer will assign the numbers according to 5 parties as follows:

  • Needles are numbers from 210 to 695.
  • Wood includes a total of 696 to 763.
  • Water is the sum of 764 to 855.
  • Fire includes the sum from 856 to 923.
  • Earth includes numbers from 924 to 1410.
Five Elements Bet

Ways to accurately predict Keno

Players need to apply statistical methods and smart judgments to find accurate Keno. However, players need to make the right decisions to avoid risks. Below are highly effective prediction methods that still ensure player safety:

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Keno prediction experience

If you feel that predicting and calculating Keno numbers is too difficult, you can apply numbers with unique properties. This is a more emotional way to play, but is applied by many experts. Expressly, the numbers you should choose such as your date of birth, anniversaries, holidays, etc. are limited from 1 to 30. In addition, players can also rely on the total number of birth dates and total years. birth,…to bet.

Keno prediction experience

Apply the numbers appearing in the previous bonus period

Players sometimes need to rely on numbers that have appeared in previous draws. This makes the Keno betting journey more effective. However, predicting and evaluating the numbers in the last drawing should only occur when you have a lot of capital.

Accordingly, players rely on 2-3 previous prize draws to deposit money with numbers that appear a lot. Next, the player takes this number and doubles it in the upcoming draw. This makes your betting more effective with a higher chance of winning.

Calculation, statistics and application to Keno

Players can participate in betting based on the previous day’s Keno results. Then, you calculate the total result and deposit money into that total. A more effective way is to rely on the sum of a series of 2-3 days, which players add up.

Finally, you will have a range of potential numbers to bet on with Keno. However, members should consider increasing their capital twice at each number to make this method more effective.

Update market fluctuation information

Keno prediction has attracted many participating players, so you can conveniently monitor market fluctuations. This helps you find accurate, stable numbers for each Keno drawing. However, players should only stop at the reference level and not rely too much on the majority. Instead, you should only consider and choose a small bet to increase your chances

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