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Live cockfighting betting games have long become an indispensable part of Filippino folk culture. With intuitive and direct interaction, this game attracts millions of players and has a large following on each match. In this article, Online Sabong will delve into the world of live cockfighting betting – a colorful and dramatic game Jilievo.

What is Online Sabong and How Does it Work?

What is Online Sabong and How Does it Work?

Online sabong is simply the digital version of traditional cockfighting, which involves pitting two roosters against each other in a fight to the death. In an online sabong match, viewers can watch the live stream of the actual fight and place bets on the outcome. The matches are streamed in real-time, creating an immersive experience for the viewers.

To participate in online sabong, you must first register on a reputable platform. Once registered, you can deposit funds into your account and use them to place bets on upcoming or ongoing fights. These platforms also offer live streaming services, allowing you to watch the matches as they happen.

Cockfighting: A Form of Online Gambling

As mentioned earlier, online sabong falls under the category of online gambling. This refers to any form of betting or wagering that takes place over the internet. Other popular forms of online gambling include casino games, sports betting, and poker.

Cockfighting, on the other hand, has been a popular form of gambling for centuries, particularly in Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. While it is still considered illegal in some parts of the world, it remains a significant part of the culture and tradition in these regions.

Understanding Betting Odds

Before diving into online sabong, it’s essential to understand how betting odds work. Betting odds are numerical representations of the likelihood of an outcome occurring. In cockfighting, the odds are usually displayed in decimal or fractional format. For example, if the odds are 2/1, it means that for every $1 you bet, you will win $2.

The odds can also be used to determine the favorite and underdog in a match. The rooster with lower odds is usually the favorite, while the one with higher odds is the underdog. This information can be helpful when placing bets, but it’s important to remember that anything can happen in a live fight.

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Popular Online Sabong Platforms and Considerations

Popular Online Sabong Platforms and Considerations

With the increasing popularity of online sabong, there has been a rise in the number of platforms offering this service. However, not all of them are legitimate or safe. It’s crucial to do thorough research before registering and depositing funds on any platform. Here are some popular online sabong platforms to consider:

  • Lazerfight: One of the leading online sabong platforms, Lazerfight offers live streaming services and a user-friendly interface. It is licensed by PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation), ensuring its legality and safety.
  • Pitmaster: Another reputable platform, Pitmaster offers a wide range of betting options and live streaming of matches. It is also licensed by PAGCOR.
  • Sabong World: This platform is known for its vast collection of international sabong matches, making it a go-to choice for avid enthusiasts. However, it is not licensed by PAGCOR, so users should proceed with caution.

When choosing an online sabong platform, it’s essential to consider factors such as licensing, customer reviews, and user experience. Additionally, be wary of platforms that require large deposits or offer unrealistic bonuses as they may be scams.

Registration Process

The registration process for online sabong platforms is relatively straightforward. You will need to provide personal information such as your name, email address, and contact number. Some platforms may also require a valid ID for verification purposes. Once registered, you can deposit funds into your account using various payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or e-wallets.

Understanding Sabong Betting Terminology and Strategies

Understanding Sabong Betting Terminology and Strategies

To fully enjoy online sabong, it’s crucial to understand the betting terminology and strategies used in this form of gambling. Here are some common terms and strategies to get you started:

Sabong Betting Terms

  • Meron: This refers to the rooster in the blue corner.
  • Wala: This refers to the rooster in the red corner.
  • Tabla: This means a draw or tie in a match.
  • Tari: This refers to placing a bet on both Meron and Wala, ensuring a win regardless of the outcome.

Betting Strategies

  • Start Small: As a beginner, it’s wise to start with small bets and gradually increase them as you gain more experience.
  • Know Your Roosters: It’s important to familiarize yourself with the roosters’ breeds, characteristics, and fighting styles before placing bets.
  • Set a Budget: Gambling can be addictive, so it’s crucial to set a budget and stick to it. Only bet what you can afford to lose.

The Cultural Significance of Sabong in the Philippines

The Cultural Significance of Sabong in the Philippines

Cockfighting has been a part of Filipino culture for centuries, with historical evidence dating back to the 16th century. It is considered a traditional sport and a symbol of bravery, skill, and camaraderie among Filipinos. It is also seen as a way to preserve and honor their ancestors’ traditions.

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However, there has been an ongoing debate about the ethics of cockfighting and its impact on animal welfare. While the practice is still widely accepted in the Philippines, there have been efforts to regulate it and ensure the humane treatment of roosters involved.

Is Online Sabong Legal and Safe?

The legality of online sabong varies from country to country. In the Philippines, online gambling is regulated by PAGCOR, and only licensed platforms are allowed to operate. Therefore, if you choose a licensed platform like Lazerfight or Pitmaster, you can rest assured that it is legal and safe to use.

However, in other countries where cockfighting may be illegal, it’s essential to research and understand the laws before participating in online sabong. Additionally, always choose reputable and licensed platforms to ensure your safety and protection.

Alternatives to Online Sabong

For those looking for alternative forms of online gambling, there are various options available. These include horse racing, dog racing, and online sports betting. These forms of gambling also offer live streaming services and a chance to win money through betting. However, it’s important to remember responsible gambling practices and choose legitimate platforms.


In conclusion, online sabong offers an exciting and convenient way for enthusiasts to enjoy the thrill of cockfighting. With this guide, you now have a better understanding of what online sabong is, how it works, and its cultural significance. Remember to always choose licensed and reputable platforms, familiarize yourself with betting terminology and strategies, and gamble responsibly. Happy betting!

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