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Saba Sports is no longer a stranger to sports betting enthusiasts, but for newcomers, it may be an unfamiliar concept. For more information and a more convenient sports betting experience, read the following article by JILIEVO to better understand!

What is Saba Sports?

What is Saba Sports?

This is the name of a football betting lobby on online betting websites, created and developed by the supplier IBC. This company is headquartered in the Philippines and has more than 20 years of experience in the field of online betting.

This sports betting lobby offers many top sports betting games such as football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, baseball boxing,… It is a popular sports betting address and receives the trust of players.

Instructions on How to Bet on Soccer in Saba Sports Lobby

Instructions on How to Bet on Soccer in Saba Sports Lobby
Soccer betting in Saba Lobby is easy to play and attracts a lot of popularity from players. Let’s learn about how to bet on soccer in this game lobby:

Soccer Betting Process at Saba Sports

Soccer Betting Process at Saba Sports

The betting and football betting process at this lobby is quite similar to the traditional form. Players need to log in to their betting account and select Saba Sport. Here, players can bet in various forms, including traditional football betting.

This lobby offers a variety of odds depending on the type of bet. Players need to choose a reputable bookmaker and place a bet at the Saba lobby. After that, they can follow the progress of the match and wait for the final result. As soon as the final result is announced, the lobby system will automatically process the betting results and pay the winners.

Saba Sports Betting Rules

Bets Results: Bet results will be based on the official match result.

Postponed Match: If a match is postponed and cannot be continued after 12 hours, bets related to that match will be void. This includes the situation where the match ends the following day.

Half Bets: Bets on a single half will be settled based on that half, without affecting subsequent periods. Bets will be considered invalid if the betting round is terminated or the match is postponed before the official end time.

Additional Bets: The system does not accept additional bets after the match has started. In the event of a mistake and the additional bet is accepted, the system will refund the entire bet to the player.

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Result Display: The result of the bet will be displayed on the result board after the match ends. Information about new matches will be updated on this board after the payout process is complete.

Soccer Betting Types At Saba Sports Lobby

Saba Sports Hall offers players seven types of football betting to choose from. The payout odds for each bet will vary depending on the match and tournament. To have the highest probability of winning, players conduct careful research. The types include:

Soccer Betting Types At Saba Sports Lobby

Full-Time Handicap: The system will calculate the points for the bettor. When the difference in strength and form between the two teams is large.

Full-Time Over/Under: The system predicts the total score of both teams when the match ends. Players predict whether the total score will be greater or less than the given number.

Full-Time 1X2 Bet: Bet on the final result of the match based on the final official result of the match.

First-Half 1X2 Bet: Predict the team leading the score in the first half. The result will be announced when the first half ends.

First-Half Handicap: Similar to full-time handicap, the result will be announced when the first half ends.

First-Half Over/Under Bet: Predict the total score of both teams in the first half, greater or less than the given number.

Parlay Bet: Combine multiple betting types with different odds. To win a parlay bet, the player must win all bets placed.


Hopefully, through this article, you have gained a clearer view of sports betting at Saba Sports. Wish everyone an enjoyable experience and great victories. Do not hesitate to visit the Saba Sports homepage to start your football betting journey. Register JILIEVO and enjoy a unique betting space.

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