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Soccer Over Under is a highly entertaining type of soccer score betting for those who are passionate about this soccer subject. This type of betting is currently very popular and is present on most official bookmaker homepages, and the number of players is increasing. So what makes this betting game so popular? Let’s follow JILIEVO to find out right away.

Grasp information about over and under in football

Grasp information about over and under in football

Dubbed the king of sports, in this category the types of betting must be said to be extremely popular and diverse, responding to the love of football and the types of betting related to football. This subject is widely interesting and known by many bettors, of course, football over/under is no exception.

Over/Under bet is a type of bet that will be played when the house predicts the numbers for the match. The players’ task is to guess whether the actual score of the game is greater than (O-Over) the predicted score or less (U-under). And the regulations will clearly state the winning rules as well as the betting odds so you can clearly understand it.

In addition, to increase excitement, as well as create a new breeze for bettors, in addition to the usual over/under prediction as above, there are also other types such as: 1/2 odd or 1/2 left. 3/4 ,… Therefore, if you are interested in this subject, please quickly register to participate to immediately receive extremely attractive promotions for new players.

What do you need to know to be able to bet?

What do you need to know to be able to bet?

For all types of sports betting, it always requires players to have a certain understanding of the participating teams, such as strengths and weaknesses, differences between the two teams, playing style, etc. This will greatly affect your comments and judgments on your betting ability.

Understanding the common psychology of people when participating in betting, worrying about not being able to prepare team information in time or being new players who have not been well prepared, our content below will Partly make it easier for you to bet.

When should you choose OVER?

You are still struggling to choose when you are not sure how to choose over/under when the first half takes place, the second half takes place, etc. Or have to choose which side to bet on. According to the experience of the experts, when the house bets and the total score has 2 or more goals, bet on the first half. The winning rate will be greatly increased.

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When should you choose the under bet?

In contrast to the time for you to bet on over, players should prioritize betting on the whole match instead of just on the over like the first half. Because if you want to play the under, the house requires a higher score. , then it will be difficult for the participating team to achieve a real score that exceeds the bookmaker’s predicted score. At that time, placing an under bet will have a very high win rate.

Example of how to calculate rewards when participating in soccer over under

Example of how to calculate rewards when participating in soccer over under
  • Suppose that when participating and you can follow that the odds table will take place between two teams: Thailand and Vietnam. Next are the over and under betting windows projected from top to bottom. And now you have chosen to bet 100k on Over 4 balls:
  • You will win if the total score of the match >= 4 goals and the amount you will receive is 100k x 0.1 = 10k, because this is the betting payout rate according to regulations.
  • And if the total score is less than 4 million, of course, you will lose all the bets you spent.

Note when participating in football over/under bets for brothers

  • To avoid property risks as well as an uninteresting game experience, remember the notes and basics. And we have compiled and shared those notes below for you guys, please take out a pen and paper and write them down right away:
  • Choose a reputable, transparent, and trustworthy bookmaker that has an operating license as well as offers open and reasonable terms. Avoid unreasonable or too high odds.
  • Ensure your financial resources, and divide your capital into individual betting units.
  • Maintain your mentality to be able to make the most accurate and reasonable judgments.
  • Observe and bet on players who are winning consecutively, if you feel unlucky or not confident with your prediction ability.


Soccer Over Under is a type of betting with truly comfortable moments of entertainment. We hope that with what we have shared in the content above, you can somewhat understand the sport of betting. This bet. I hope you will be able to win a lot of money from the house.

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