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Football over/under is a popular type of football betting in online betting. Players will base on the parameters given by the house to make judgments about the match results. However, there are many new players who are still confused and do not have a deep understanding of the rules and regulations of this bet. Phlove.link article below will help everyone better understand the over/under betting odds in soccer!


What is football over and under?

Over/under in soccer is short abbreviated as O/U (over/under), for soccer bettors, it is also called over and under. This is a form of betting used in sports in general and football in particular. For over/under bets, the bookmaker will predict the total number of goals in a certain match. Gamers are responsible for judging whether the actual number of goals is higher or lower than the bookmaker’s number.

Currently, playing soccer over/under exists in two forms: offline and online. If you participate in playing live, you need to travel to soccer betting locations and playgrounds. If you want to play online, just register an account, deposit money and start playing.

Some popular ways to play over/under soccer betting

Some popular ways to play over/under soccer betting

The way to set two values ​​​​over and under is relatively simple, flexible and easy to play, so any player can apply it. After the bookie gives the number predicting the match result. Players will use analytical and judgment skills to place bets. If you think the actual number of goals is higher than the bookie’s number, bet money on Over – Over, if it is lower, bet money on Under – Under. Below are some ways to play soccer over/under betting from experts:

Over/under total goals: This form of betting is often held in small-scale tournaments. Online bookmakers predict the total number of goals that two teams can score. You will choose the bet depending on your opinion.

Over/under corner kicks: This is a form that often appears in soccer matches. Over/under corner kicks means predicting the total number of corner kicks in a certain match.

Over/under penalty cards: In soccer competitions, penalty cards are divided into two types, including yellow penalty cards and red penalty cards. Over/Under penalty cards means the bookmaker makes a prediction about the total number of yellow cards or the total number of red cards that will be in the match. The gamer’s task is to decide which bet to deposit money at.

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Some experience in playing soccer over and under from experts

Some experience in playing soccer over and under from experts

The gaming community commented that the method of calculating Over/Under odds is quite simple and easy to play. However, if you want to win, you need to rely on many different factors. So, let’s learn some tips and tricks on how to bet on over/under and always win from the experts.

Find out and choose a match

This is the prerequisite factor that helps many people win when betting on football over-under. Finding out information about the match and the competing teams helps you have a comprehensive, overview of betting odds. From there, you can choose the appropriate match to participate in safe and effective betting. You should carefully study quality matches with a good number of goals to increase your probability of winning.

Practice closely, following competing teams

For professional players in the soccer betting industry, they highly value the issue of observing, monitoring and evaluating matches. This helps you regularly update news and comments about betting. From there, you can bet on soccer over/under from matches in the most accurate way.

Especially monitor the match between the two teams to collect important information about the lineup, physical strength, performance of the players, etc. These are all important data to help players make judgments. Correctly predict the match result.

Choose a reputable soccer over/under bookmaker

According to football experts, choosing a reputable playground is a very important factor. It is the foundation that determines whether your fun is comfortable and whether your rights are guaranteed. A reputable, quality playground will fully provide the necessary needs of players. Good customer care and support service, helping players solve difficult problems. With thousands of good incentive programs and quick payment transaction process. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right house to entrust trust and capital to.


Thus, the article has helped you update the latest news about football over/under betting. Hopefully, the tips and tricks compiled from the experts can help you win big wins!

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